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1.  Cost effectiveness analysis of classical sputum examination versus molecular diagnostic by GeneX-pert text for tuberculosis screening among the elderly
1.  Tuberculosis case detection rate: an observation on the change in 12 year period (2005 to 2016)
2.  Common and different lipidomes for lung cancer and tuberculosis: a comparative lipidomics analysis
3.  Early Diagnosis of Smear Negative Childhood Pulmonary Tuberculosis and its substantial yield in gastric lavage aspirates through Cartridge Based Nucleic Acid Amplification Test (Xpert MTB /RIF assay)
4.  In vivo Antimalarial Activity, Toxicity and Phytochemical Composition of Total Extracts from Securidaca longepedunculata Fresen. (Polygalaceae)
5.  Validation and impact of use of automated urine culture streak system in a diagnostic laboratory on surveillance of catheter associated urinary tract infections at a tertiary care setting
6.  Detection of Genetic mutations in inh A and kat G for isoniazid and its association with Rifampicin resistance in Tuberculosis confirmed by line Probe assay - its rationality for isoniazid prophylaxis Empirical or DST Guided .
7.  High risk disease mapping and spatial effect of Pulmonary Tuberculosis in Kerbala, Iraq
8.  Specific IL-5 SNP is associated with high serum IL-5 levels and higher eosinophil counts among Iraqi asthmatic children.
9.  Evaluation of epidemiological and clinical features of pateints with pneumococcal and legionella pneumonia
1.  Management of Ankyloglossia : A Case Report
1.  Evaluation of the therapeutic, diagnostic and prognostic means currently applied to counter the surge of tuberculosis.
2.  Insight to Food Borne Diseases: Proposed Models for Infections and Intoxications
3.  Drug resistant tuberculosis and cross border patient: a retrospective analysis from a Thailand-Myanmar border area