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1.  Commentary on "Maes R. Tuberculosis Serology is Useful in Rural Areas. BBRJ 2017; 1(2): 85-93"
1.  Comparative Study of LoopampTM MTBC Kit for Rapid Detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Complex in Cameroon
2.  Cytotoxicity effects of endodontic irrigants on permanent and primary cell lines. Part 1- Conventional irrigants
3.  Construction and genetic improvement of copper Bioreporter Escherichia coli
4.  Identification and development of oxoquinazoline derivatives as novel mycobacterial inhibitors targeting cell wall synthesis enzyme
5.  A comparison of three diagnostic platforms for the detection of influenza A and B in children.
6.  Studies on 3H-levamisole binding to murine splenic lymphocytes, normal, malignant human lymphocytes and fate of levamisole in cell culture
1.  Advances in protein tertiary structure prediction: A review
2.  Exploring potential of phage therapy for tuberculosis using model organism.
3.  Probiotics: The Marvelous factor and Health Benefits - Review
4.  Anti TB Therapy - Urgency for New Drugs and Integrative Approach