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1.  Cost effectiveness analysis of classical sputum examination versus molecular diagnostic by GeneX-pert text for tuberculosis screening among the elderly
2.  Genetic polymorphisms namely TLR2 Gene Arg753Gln and Arg677Trp polymorphisms and tuberculosis: comparison on effects of molecular weight alterations
3.  Comparison of two methods for direct susceptibility testing of Salmonella Typhi and Salmonella Paratyphi A from blood cultures in a high-burden laboratory setting
1.  Smear-negative pulmonary tuberculosis: relative incidence and outcome of treatment in a drug resistant endemic setting in Indochina
2.  Tuberculosis case detection rate: an observation on the change in 12 year period (2005 to 2016)
3.  Drug resistance pattern of Mycobacterium abscessus: change of pattern in 20 year period after the first report of human pulmonary infection in Thailand
4.  Common and different lipidomes for lung cancer and tuberculosis: a comparative lipidomics analysis
5.  Incidence of pulmonary tuberculosis and particulate matter 2.5 pollutant level: the association analysis for 2019 air pollution crisis, Bangkok Thailand
6.  Effect of ginseng against tuberculosis: a pathway interrelationship analysis
7.  Drug-drug interaction analysis: antituberculosis drugs versus antiretroviral drugs
8.  Concurrent dengue and tuberculosis: an estimated incidence in endemic tropical country and explanation for low observed incidence
9.  Coinfection between human immunodeficiency virus and tuberculosis: a consideration on ritonavir related Heme Oxygenase-1 pathway
10.  Predictive Value of serum ADA levels in prospect of tubercular infections
11.  Thai ethnopharmacological herbs for tuberculosis treatment: pharmacoinformatics analysis for therapeutic property
12.  Early Diagnosis of Smear Negative Childhood Pulmonary Tuberculosis and its substantial yield in gastric lavage aspirates through Cartridge Based Nucleic Acid Amplification Test (Xpert MTB /RIF assay)
1.  Management of Ankyloglossia : A Case Report
1.  The doomed war against Tuberculosis and Leprosy. Chronicle of a predicted rout.
2.  Sputum Smear Microscopy In Tuberculosis: It Is Still Relevant In The Era Of Molecular Diagnosis When Seen From Public Health Perspective.